Sam sympathizes with monsters because he fears he is a monster and wants to believe he can be saved.
In contrast, Dean knows he is a monster and that monsters don’t deserve to be saved.


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*casually kicking a dead guy*

I hadn’t even NOTICED THAT!

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Oops sorry for all the Larry posts


can you believe harry pissed on louis when they first met and louis still wanted an autograph and tattooed oops on his body smh

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why doesn’t louis just wear around a shirt that said “im so grossly in love i got his first words tattooed on me and if that permanent reminder isnt enough here’s a sweatshirt”

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Louis “I hate gay rumours but I’m just going to casually wear this shirt displaying one of my tattoos that is constantly related to the rumours I hate and then take pictures with fans so I’m sure everyone sees it, even though I’m usually not seen for days and days at a time” Tomlinson

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Anonymous asked:

Why do you focus so much on Louis being gay? I'll be direct and say I'm not a Larry shipper but you seem intelligent and polite so I wanted to ask, why the attention to define Louis' sexuality? Why not Harry? A lot of Larry believers seem to be ok with Harry being bi? But not Louis, why can't Louis be bi?




Well I can’t speak for anyone else, but personally I think both Harry and Louis are gay. Of course, there’s always the possibility that either or both of them are bisexual or pansexual, but in my observations of them, I’ve never seen them display any genuine sexual or romantic interest in women, particularly in the women they’ve been publicly paired with.

Louis’s ‘relationship’ with Eleanor probably gets a bit more of my attention on this blog because he’s the one who’s more heavily closeted; Harry’s still allowed to hang out with gay friends and go to gay bars, kiss male friends on TV, wear t shirts supporting marriage equality and speak out against bigots like the Westboro Bapist Church, whereas Louis, the boy who once picked ‘flamboyant' as the one word he'd use to describe himself, is increasingly modeling himself as embodiment of all things heterosexual and masculine. He is used as the aggressor against 'Larry Stylinson'; the one who handles the bulk of their denials, calls the rumours 'bullshit' and the fan-speculation 'a fucking annoyance’.  Harry might be name-dropped alongside every pretty starlet in the known universe, but Louis has to play the faithful boyfriend act and that’s harder to sell long-term. Either way I find both of their ‘romantic’ interactions with women to be incredibly flat; one-dimensional and disinterested in a way they never are with each other.

To add to this, Harry has specifically address and dismissed the speculation that he’s bisexual when asked about it in that god-awful sexist piece of shit GQ article. I honestly believe that they try to avoid outright lying about their relationship as often as possible; it’s why Louis has so skillfully side-stepped the ‘Larry Stylinson’ questions in the past (“apparently me and Harry are together and my girlfriend’s not real" "we just started out saying we were friends…”) and why Harry looked so freaking crushed when he was backed into a corner with the wording of the question in that Sunrise interview (“So Harry, you and Louis, there’s nothing going on?”) and was forced to reply with the world’s quietest and saddest “no.”

But probably the biggest reason I’ve been focusing more on Louis than on Harry in my discussions of their sexuality is because of what the closet is doing to their public image.  Harry’s Lothario public persona (and I might genuinely throw up in my mouth if I hear him referred to as a ‘swordsman’ one more time), is actively rejected by so many of his fans, not just the ones who think Harry is dating Louis. You don’t have to think Harry is gay in order to look at the wide gap between his words and actions versus the things that are said about him in the tabloids and come to the conclusion that you’re being lied to by the press.

Conversely, Louis’ public persona is very much all or nothing. Either you believe he’s hiding his sexuality and relationship with Harry and disregard the unsettlingly and aggressively no-homo feel to some of print!Louis and @louis_tomlinson’s comments as closeting and pr spin, or you take the situation at face value and believe that despite the fact Louis Tomlinson has a long-term girlfriend he is still the sort of person who not only lets gay rumours affect his interactions with his best friend, but would also respond with anger and derision towards fans who might observe their (former) closeness that way. I don’t know about you, but I know which Louis seems like a nicer person.

In a nutshell, I guess the reason I rail against Louis’ closeting and bearding so strongly is because the people who believe in Elounor don’t just have the wrong idea about who Louis is dating, they have the wrong idea about who he is as a person.

I don’t understand how they can’t see who Louis actually is and I especially don’t understand why they’d want to be a fan of the version Louis Tomlinson they’re seeing instead.


"I especially don’t understand why they’d want to be a fan of the version Louis Tomlinson they’re seeing instead".


He’s portrayed as a homophobic douche and -in my humble opinion- as a mediocre to shitty boyfriend, best case scenario.

"He" said that the people who think he and Harry are together are not real fans, he DMed them nasty things and blocked them on twitter, not even allowing them to follow him (!), he even attacked people who didn’t mention him or tagged him on the subject at all, after pursuing the confrontation, I might add.

He disregards the rumours saying it’s a CONSPIRACY OF FANFICTION. Come on, not even the hardest Elounor shipper can say with a straight face that we believe Harry and Louis are in a relationship because we read fanfiction, it’s completely ridiculous. He played along for two fucking years “dammit, we’re gonna have to split the bed”, making the “Larry Stylinson lovechild” sing along Harry’s solo in a live show, “I’d struggle with Harry on the night”, did he black out? Doesn’t he remember that he said for the whole world to hear “and I’d marry you Harry”? -considering he doesn’t know if he started dating Eleanor in September 2011 or January 2012 and then settled on November 2011 maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised-.

I’m sorry, but he doesn’t get to pin this on us. They’re resposible for this, if it was a joke then he doesn’t get to act offended when people believe in it. Mmmnope, sorry.

At the time of the bullshit tweet their denials consisted of “well, we started of saying that we were really good friends” and “some people seriously, genuinely believe we are in a relationship”. Essentially: non denials.

It’s not like he said “Hello, hi, my name is Louis Tomlinson, I’m 20 years old and I’m from Doncaster, I am well aware that some people think Harry and I are in a relationship, probably because we used to joke about it a lot, we get on really well and are really close friends but that’s it, please stop it with the rumours, thank you” things would’ve been different. Of course some people would still believe that they’re together, but it’s a completely different scenario.

But he didn’t. Instead “he” got angry and started attacking people on twitter. And nobody in their team lifted a finger to try and sort the mess? Didn’t he lose like a million followers over that? Sorry, I can’t buy it.

It doesn’t make sense, of course it doesn’t, but I really DON’T WANT TO BELIEVE IT. It would make him a horrible person, who doesn’t accept his responsability, blames other people for his own actions and on top of that is homophobic to the root, being so offended by the off chance of people thinking he’s into dudes. Like it’s something to be ashamed of, like someone’s insulting him.

Sorry, I prefer the Louis Tomlinson that I like, not the one that I’d probably punch in the face if I had the opportunity.

Luckily for me there’s only one Louis Tomlinson that makes sense, and only one situation that my bran can accept.


louis starts a clothing line

tomlinson styles

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Anonymous asked:

Let's be honest, that morphing isn't the first time Louis has gone into Harry